Packing for a trip can be a stressful time for travelers. We have created an easy to use checklist to ensure you have everything you need:

  • At least 2 forms of photo identification
  • Passport that is valid well beyond the date of your anticipated return. Keep a copy of the identification page separate from the original.
  • Leave copies of your passport identification page, itinerary, and insurance policy with friends or family.
  • Required visas
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Planned itinerary and budget
  • Financial needs: local currency, traveler’s checks, etc.
  • Vaccinations, prescriptions, medical certificates, any other medical needs
  • Do you need dual citizenship? If required, obtain an international driving permit.
  • Flight preparation: luggage, documentation, and airport security.
  • If traveling with children, have proper documentation providing your right to travel with them. Ensure they are properly vaccinated.
  • If traveling with pets, ensure proper transportation, shots, regulations, etc.
  • When traveling keep all receipts in a safe place.
  • Make special arrangements for shipping of food, plants, or animals.
  • Car rental
  • Airline reservations
  • Rail reservation
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Phrase books of other languages
  • Reference book for the country or countries you are visiting
  • First Aid Kit

Source: CCRA Travel Network

Traveler's Checklist

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